Traits That Make Left-Handed People Stand Out From the Crowd

It is well known that there are big differences between right-handed and left-handed people. Maybe some people find it difficult to believe this, but studies also prove that left-handed people have special traits that make them a little bit different from right-handed. Read about those characteristics in detail below.

1. Left-handed children have difficulties developing

Many children were teased for writing with their left hand at school. One study from 2009 showed that left-handed kids face some developmental problems. They had difficulties in writing, reading, speaking, motor skills, and socialization. Still, those who had the worst performance were the ambidextrous students.

2. They are great athletes

It is very interesting that people who use their left hand more than the right, are better athletes. Experts suggest that left-handed people are better at sports so they should try to play some sport. Symmetry and formation are the reasons for this.

Right-handed players usually practice with other right-handed players. That’s why when they compete against a left-handed player, they need to think and move differently than they are used to. This unpredictability makes it difficult for them to play the best they can.

3. Lefties are pro fighters

Due to their unpredictable movements, lefties are among the best fighters. Right-handed people are at a disadvantage when they fight against them. One study from 2005 reveals that 27% of the warriors in the war-like societies were left-handed. Because of their left hooks, they had an advantage over right-handed warriors.

4. Left-handed people can move or push someone suddenly during sleep

Researchers from the University of Toledo found that lefties are more susceptible to PLMD (a periodic limb movement disorder). In their research, 94% of the left-handed participants reported PLMD. And from the right-handed people, 69% said that they have PLMD symptoms.

5. They are more prone to PTSD

Due to their unusual brain lateralization, lefties process fear and anger differently. This makes them more prone to PTSD. In a study from 2007, left-handed people manifested PTSD-like symptoms after watching a scary movie.

6. Lefties have a lower risk of Ulcers and Arthritis

One study that was published in the Laterality Journal in 2005 proved that left-handed people have a lower risk of having arthritis and ulcers.

7. They don’t have shorter life-spans than right-handed people

A study from the University of British Colombia broke the myth that left-handed people live shorter than the right-handed. Other studies confirm that this is true.

8. Left-handed people are not inferior

Left-handed people are not more creative. Grimshaw proved this with her research done in 2013. She said that this research broke a lot of stereotypes about lefties. For example, it proved that they are not morally or mentally inferior. According to the results, ambidextrous people were the most introverted.

9. They are not alcoholics

Another stigma about lefties was proved as wrong by one study that can be found in the British Journal of Psychological Health. The results taken from 27,000 people showed that they rarely drink. These results proved that left-handed people don’t drink excessively as many people thought.

If you are left-handed don’t worry. These facts should not make you afraid, because they are only small differences. Scientists can’t prove anything with 100% certainty. No matter which hand you use to write, it’s not related to your mental or physical health.

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