Cheer Up! Things Are Getting Better As We Come Near The End Of 2020

Coming near the end of 2020, many people ask themselves what will the future bring and what to expect in the next 2021. This year was insane for all of us, so we are desperately waiting for better times to come.

Numerology uses numbers to predict the future. It breaks down numbers until it gets to one single number. For example, December is the 12th month of 2020, and when you break this down you will get the number 7. There are many different ways to break it down, and this is one of them 12+2+0+20=34 and then 3+4=7.

What does numerology say about number 7?

Numerologists are happy to announce that things are coming better at the end of this year. We should be thankful for the number 7 as it has great power and energy. Many people think this is not reliable information, or they just neglect it, but let us dive deeper into the meaning that this number holds.

Number 7 represents our fundamental need to find meaning in life. This number is here to remind us that we should look much deeper than the surface because things are not always what they seem to be. It also helps us to figure out what relationship we need to work on to improve them.

Number 7 shows us how to express ourselves better and to figure out what do we want from life. gives a detailed description of this number. They wrote that it is the number of wisdom and depth. It is not interested in superficial information as it knows that the gold is buried deep, so it is searching for it until it finds it.

Number 7 is in constant search for awareness and it uses some special skills like asking questions, listening, and sensing. This number gives an intellectual approach to life because it is an analytical number that enjoys collecting and processing information in its search for answers. Although this number prefers the mind over emotions, spirituality is its most important characteristic. 7 has a very powerful intuition that uses as a life guide.

This perfect combination of consciousness and subconsciousness allows the number 7 to have access to the hidden truths in the deepest realms.

It is very good to have this number on your side. It is a very strong number that can help you tremendously in life. The more you have it in your daily life, the more progress you will make.

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