If You Want To Have True Friends, Be A True Friend Yourself

Friendship represents an opportunity to love, to grow up and learn about yourself, to open up to new experiences in life. To seek true friendship, you must have enough courage to risk who you are. You must be willing to invest time and effort in order to develop, maintain, and nourish the bonds of a healthy relationship.  

The best way to find a true friend is to be one yourself

If you feel alone, just be the friend that you have always wanted to have. Be the kind of friend that calls them when you are thinking about them. Be the one that buys presents to surprise them. A true friend finds time and makes the effort to be with them.  

Be the friend who is always there for them. Ask them about their family and job, and listen to their problems.  

Be the friend who is not ashamed to show how much you respect and love them. Be around them when they are sick. Show them that they can always count on you. Be the kind of friend who stimulates them to achieve their dreams and goals.  

Be the friend who never gives up on them

Be the kind of friend who is always there when they need help. Be the one they can always rely on. Spend quality time with them and show them how you feel. Be open and accept the changes that they make.  

Be the kind of friend who is happy about their achievements as if they were your own. Be the one who encourages them to fight for the things they love.  

Be the kind of friend who will never let them go 

Fight for your real friends and never let them go. Be the kind of friend who loves and respects them without expecting anything in return.  

Real friends are those who are always there for each other. They love and respect each other. They know the importance of true friendship. Being able to trust in your friend is one of the most essential requirements of a strong friendship. A true friend should never mock or laugh, but listen to and offer advice. Are you a real friend?

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