Holiday Miracle As A Cat Missing For Four Years Came Back At Home

It was a heartbreaking reunion for Theresa Blanco and her cat that has been missing for over four years. Schrodinger, or Shred, was found out living under a La Pine deck for a few weeks.

On Friday, one Samaritan caught the cat and turned over to the Human Society of Central Oregon. Lynne Ouchida from the Human Society said that they scanned the cat, like all the other animals that come at the shelter, and looked for a microchip.

The microchip had three numbers on it. They left a message and called back again, and they could speak with Blanco.

Shred’s story began in 2015 when he came to the Bend shelter from Southern California. Steve, Blanco’s husband, adopted the two-month-old cat. Shred kept company to Steve while he was undergoing chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, in 2016 Steve died from cancer, and his family was devastated. A few months later, Shred disappeared. For more than a year, Blanco had looked for Shred, but she did not succeed to find him.

A cat missing for four years found his owner

Last Friday, a Samaritan rescued a grey cat wearing a bell and a faded collar. The Samaritan took the cat to the shelter, and the staff immediately called the numbers left on the microchip. Blanco, who is now living in northern California, asked a friend to pick up Shred until she arrived.

A heartbreaking reunion that brings tears to eyes

On Sunday, Blanco and Shred were finally together. Lynne told Blanco that Shred’s appearance indicated that he had been cared for over the past four years. They could have been reunited soon after Shred disappeared if somebody found the cat and checked for the microchip.

Shred’s appearance was a miracle that happened for Blanco. She was considering him an early Christmas gift from her husband.

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