Study Shows: A `Green` Mediterranean Diet May Be Better For Losing Weight Than The Traditional Mediterranean

A recent study had found out that a plant-based Mediterranean diet stimulates weight loss up to 13 pounds more than a meat and fish-based diet.

What is a vegan diet?

A recent study has shown that a `green` Mediterranean diet, which contains no meat, can improve heart health. The study published in the medical journal `Heart` found out that people who consume plant-based proteins and have a reduced intake of red meat and poultry are much healthier than those who consumed a traditional Mediterranean diet based on seafood and meat combined with vegetables.

Who took part in the study?

A total of 294 obese subjects, mostly men, took part in the study. They were divided into three groups.

  • The first group was recommended to follow a healthy diet and to increase their physical activity.
  • The same recommendation was given to the second group, which also was advised to stick to a traditional Mediterranean diet based on red meat.
  • The third group was recommended to increase their physical activity and follow a plant-based Mediterranean diet. Moreover, they were recommended to consume high-protein ingredients instead of animal-based products.

The results were very interesting, to say the least.

The findings of the study

The results of the study showed that the participants who followed the plant-based Mediterranean diet shed 13.7 pounds. Those who followed the traditional Mediterranean diet lost 11.9 pounds. Finally, the third group of participants, who followed the healthy diet, lost only 3.3 pounds.

Moreover, the participant from the first group also lost about 3.4 inches off their waistline, whereas those who followed the traditional diet lost 2.7 inches. The third group of participants lost only 1.7 pounds off their waistline.

The findings of the study show that people who were on a vegan diet managed to lose weight and reduce their body fat percentage. According to nutritionists, an increased intake of plant-based foods, such as nuts, legumes, and leafy greens can boost metabolism. That’s the key reason why we lose weight with such a diet.

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