Unveiling the Truth: Why Confident Women Attract Narcissists

As narcissists have become prominent in today’s society, there are many misconceptions about them. One belief was that narcissists often go for insecure and weak people, offering a false perception for those who are strong and confident. This is a misconception.

Narcissism represents a disorder of ego or grandiosity. Narcissists are egotistical, confident, and grandiose.

The truth is that narcissists have a fragile and wounded ego and a strong sense of entitlement. Therefore, why narcissists who have deep insecurities are drawn to people who are confident and strong?

Here are 7 reasons why narcissists always target strong women:

1. They make them feel worthy

When a narcissist meets a confident and strong woman, they are drawn in. They feel that by flirting with that person or starting a relationship, they are proving themselves. Narcissists want to prove to other people that they are worthy of vibrant and energetic life.

2. They like a challenge

Narcissists feel superior to others. However, they also like a bit of a challenge. When they target an insecure woman, they do not feel a strong sense of superiority over the partner. By pursuing a confident and strong woman, narcissists think that they will have an ultimate sense of superiority.

As soon as narcissists gain trust from their partners, they shift their behavior. They start to tear their partner so that they can feel more superior.

3. They feel safer with a strong woman

Even though narcissists think that they are the most powerful forces in the world, their narcissism naturally comes from their feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness.

Confident and strong women know how to handle situations in life, and their mentality makes the world feel safer for everybody, including narcissists.

Narcissists are drawn to confident and strong women because they feel safe. When they turn on a strong woman, they will start to sabotage the safety without being aware of it.

4. They want to be like you

Narcissists want everything that powerful women possess – influence, intelligence, inner strength and confidence.

They think that if they spend time with people, who have these positive characteristics, they may absorb their power. However, as soon as they realize that the power cannot be transferred to them, they will start to tear down their partner.

If you are strong and confident, narcissists will want to have your life. If they do not have what they want, they will try to hurt you.

5. They are attracted to empathy and kindness

Strong and confident women are tolerant and empathetic. They have a high tolerance for manipulation displayed by narcissists.

Moreover, narcissists know how to use their empathy and tolerance to get into their hearts and minds. They gain their trust and then tear them down.

6. They are jealous of confident women

Narcissists are very jealous of confident women. They feel weird and want to tear them down.

7. They find comfort in strong women

Narcissists are drawn to strong women. They use their strength to help themselves. When they no longer need them, they will leave them. They have no boundaries.

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