A Symbol Of Power And Protection: The Eye Of Horus Represents A Secret Part Of The Human Brain Related To Emotions

What does the Eye of Horus represent?

The Eye of Horus, also known as The Third Eye, represents an ancient concept referring to an invisible eye that provides perception beyond normal sight. It is an Egyptian symbol of good health, real power, and protection. Its divine power comes from Horus, an ancient God usually represented as a falcon.

The Eye of Horus is personified in the goddess Wadjet, one of the earliest Egyptian deities who was later associated with other goddesses, such as Hathor, Sekhmet, and Bastet. In Egyptian myths, The Third Eye was not a passive organ of sight, but an agent of wrath, protection, and action. The Eye of Horus represents a secret part of our brain connected to emotions.

It is represented by an eye and a weird type of tear, which was used to eliminate evil and fear. Moreover, people used it as a protective amulet to enhance eyesight, treat visual issues, and keep away evil spirits. It symbolized prosperity, health, rebirth, and survival.

Ancient use of The Eye of Horus

Medium.com reported that The Eye of Horus characterizes a secret area of the human brain that can attain enlightenment. It symbolizes an inner state of enlightenment or revocation of mental images, which have psychological or spiritual significance. In some spiritual traditions, like Hinduism, it is related to chakra, brow, or ajna, whereas, in Theosophy, it represents the pineal gland. It refers to a gate that leads to inner spaces of higher awareness. People, who have the capacity to utilize The Eye of Horus, are known as seers.

Even though we cannot thoroughly understand The Eye of Horus, it brings us a sense of inner light. It represents a secret part of the brain connected to emotions and memories.

Moreover, The Eye of Horus improves our body and enhances our spirit. Understanding the limbic system helps us reshape our brain and heal quickly. The limbic system consists of the hypothalamus, which controls emotions and feelings, the hippocampus, which is connected to memories and helps us understand the environment, and the amygdala, which controls the responses to the environment.

Abuse, trauma, and violence, which can cause rage, depression, anxiety, and PTSD, may damage the limbic system.

The Eye of Horus now

Even though we live in a modern world, the belief in The Third Eye and the practice continues. Besides health and protection, many people think that The Eye of Horus is a symbol of knowledge and power.

Nowadays, this symbol is a popular design for tattoos.
Moreover, if you look at the RX symbol used on signs in doctors’ and pharmacists’ prescriptions, you will see that it is based on The Eye of Horus. It still lives on.

The Eye of Horus extended its influence to other cultures and religions and persisted up to this day with a superstitious background. Its attraction for people is understandable because it is a protective amulet combined with popular history and powerful symbolic identity.

For many people, it is a protective amulet that invokes divine forces to keep away evil spirits, prevent bad luck, and deflects evil looks. What does it mean for you?

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