Grandma Is Deeply Touched When She Finds Out She Will Live With Her Grandson

If you are blessed to have grandparents, you know how special people they are. Mathew Stewart is lucky to have a very close relationship with his grandmother.

Bobbe Windham, Stewart’s grandmother goes by the nickname “GB” she uses on social media. She and her grandson Matt are posting funny videos on TikTok where they have almost 3 million followers. They also have more than 160 thousand Subscribers on Instagram.

Stewart treats Bobbe as his mother, not just a grandmother. He says they love each other a lot and their connection runs very deep. When he was a child, he spent a lot of time with his grandparents, and now they function as a great team.

People from all around the world adore this pair and think that GB is a very cool grandma that they would love to have as theirs too. She responded to her followers that she is open to them and wants to adopt them all. Stewart explained that they’ve built a social media family.

Stewart loves his grandmother so much that he has recently prepared a surprise for her. He just wanted to do something for her as a way to say thank you for all she has done for him. What did he do? He has built a house for him, his family, and her.

Two months ago, he took her to show her the house that is still under construction. She was simply amazed and deeply touched. In the house, she will have her bedroom and living room. They posted a video where she explains how emotional was that moment for her and that she is so happy because there is someone who wants her.

That sentence moved Stewart too and when he asked her whether she is prepared to move into the house, she said that her bags are ready. They will move in next spring.

Stewart is very grateful for all the support he gets from their followers. He wants to bring people closer to their grandparents and spend more time with them because, as he says, they will not be with him for too long.


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