FBI Warns: Be Careful, Your Smart TV May Be Spying On You

Recently, the FBI has issued a warning that smart TVs may have an internet connection that can be used for network hacking.   

These TVs have microphones, cameras, and even facial recognition technology. Also, the FBI warns that they have poor security. They stated that not only TV developers and application developers may be listening and watching you, but hackers can also use these smart TVs to enter your house.  

How to preserve our privacy?

Nowadays, TVs and modern technology are an essential part of our everyday lives. But it is up to us to protect ourselves and preserve our privacy. Therefore, what should we do to protect ourselves and our family? 

  1. Read about your TV’s features and know how to control them. Find more about the privacy, the camera, and the microphone on your TV.  
  2. Change the default security settings and passwords. Switch off cameras and microphones.  
  3. If you cannot switch off the camera, place a piece of black type over the camera eye.  
  4. Read about the ability of the TV manufacturer to update TV apps and security patches.  
  5. Check the streaming services and policy privacy that your TV has.  


Be more intelligent than your TV 

As our smart TVs and computers are constantly connected to the internet, we should know which privacy rights we have. We should carefully choose what information we share on the internet and know when to take appropriate action for ourselves. It is up to us to protect ourselves and preserve our privacy.  

Take into consideration the above-mentioned warning that the FBI issued and take responsibility for your own privacy. Put a black type over your camera eye. Check the default security settings and change passwords. Do research about your TV’s camera and microphone.  


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