10 Fat-burning Exercises That Are More Beneficial Than Running

Running is one of the most effective fat-burning exercises. It is an effective cardio exercise that burns 10 calories per minute.  

Here is a list of fat-burning exercises that can substitute running and help you burn more calories.  

10 fat-burning exercises that are more beneficial than running 

  1. Bike sprints 

If you are a beginner, bike sprints are an excellent alternative for you. For best results, choose a cruising or sprinting speed.  

     2. Kettlebell swing 

Kettlebell swing helps burn 10 calories per minute. It lasts a couple of minutes and can be easily incorporated into every daily routine.  

     3. Burpees 

It is thought that burpees are more effective than bike sprints because they can help burn 14 calories per minute. This fat-burning exercise also improves the metabolic process.  

     4. Fat Tire Biking 

It can be a challenging exercise because the tires of the bike cannot be easily controlled. Fat Tire Biking can help burn 25 calories per minute or 1500 calories per hour.  

     5. Jumping rope 

Jumping rope is a medium fat-burning exercise. It can burn 13 calories per minute if you can perform 100 skips a minute.  

    6. Cross-fit exercises 

Cross-fit exercises are a combination of different exercises. All you need to do is to choose three of them and perform them on a regular basis.  

    7. Battling ropes 

In comparison to other exercises, battling rope exercise is one of the most beneficial exercises for oxygen consumption.  

    8. Jump squats 

Jump squats are one of the most effective fat-burning exercises, which can burn 14 calories in 20 seconds.  

   9. Cross-country skiing 

Cross-country skiing is a more effective fat-burning exercise than running because it burns more calories per minute.  

    10. Indoor rowing 

If you do intense indoor rowing, it can help you burn 375 calories per 30 minutes. It will tone your muscles and tights. 

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