Decorating Your Christmas Tree Early Makes You Feel Happy!

Santa Claus, reindeer, lampoons, stars – everything is magical when it comes to Christmas. Children play around, singing happy songs. Are you part of this celebration that takes place every year?

While some people find the period around Christmas to be one of the most stressed times of the year, others finally relax and tune in to the fun and play it offers.

Is Christmas your favorite part of the year? Are you among those who enjoy deeply in the magic of the most popular holiday? If yes, then probably you are from those people who put their Christmas trees in October.

Today asks the question of whether we should put our Christmas trees early. It is a controversial topic because many people actually are angry with those who start their Christmas preparations since Thanksgiving day.

Why should you decorate for Christmas early this year?

According to research, people who enjoy putting up their trees long before Christmas, are actually happier and healthier. Today asked the psychologist Deborah Serani what contributes to this sudden improvement in people’s wellness? As she says, being in the Christmas spirit longer creates a neurological shift in you that reminds you of your childhood memories.

What creates the magic of Christmas? According to Serani, the bright lights and strong colors trigger our happy hormones and it is called chromotherapy. Color therapy increases energy level making people feel happier. Neuro-architecture, a new scientific field, is exploring how the designed environment is related to our behavior and mood.

Nostalgia is another very important factor that this psychologist has pointed out. Everything around Christmas may bring you back to your earliest happy memories making you feel innocent like a baby and joyful like a careless kid.

These findings are excellent, and we can use them to create an even better atmosphere around our favorite holiday. Colorful trees with shiny stars and bright colors everywhere are really something that creates an amazing feeling like it is something that is out of the seen world.

Christmas helps you reconnect to your past

Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, says for UNILAD that nostalgia can help people to find out their true identity. This way Christmas reconnects you to your childhood memories giving them sweet feelings.

This famous psychotherapist emphasizes that for those who have lost someone, this holiday reminds them of the joyful time they had with the person. Therefore, for some people, early decoration on the Christmas tree is a way to reconnect themselves with the people they no longer see.

What are the implications of these researches?

Taking into account all of this information, if some people want to get ready for the Christmas celebration as early as possible, nobody should oppose them. If it is something that makes them feel good, then why should anyone feel annoyed?

What is your opinion about this? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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