10 Bodyweight Exercises For Women That You Can Do At Home

If you cannot afford yourself going to the gym every day, here are some bodyweight exercises that you can do at your home.  

You do not need any heavy metals for strength training, you can use the weight of your body and the gravity power to burn fat and build muscles.  

These effective bodyweight exercises will help you train your core, biceps, upper and lower body. The best thing about them is that they can be done anytime, everywhere.  

10 bodyweight exercises that you can do at home 

1. Warrior 3 Pull Through 

Engage your abs and extend the spine as the arms reach the room. Raise your left leg behind you. Reach the arms forward, keeping the left leg back until the body is parallel to the ground. Keep your abs tight. Breath in and out, and relax your neck. Hold for half a minute and repeat with the other leg.  

2. Sit-through 

Sit down in a bear position and extend your arms straight. Bend your knees at a 90° angle under the hips. Keep the back flat, place the right hand on the ground, and raise your right leg and left arm. Rotate to the left. Return to the original position and repeat on the other side.  

3. Forearm Donkey Kick 

Start on your knees and forearms with the knees under the hips and the elbows under the shoulders. Bend with the right knee, lift your foot up and back toward the ceiling. Extend the hips. Hold for a second and lower back down.  

4. Goddess Squat To Lounge 

Stand with the arms on your sides. Turn to the right and step the feet apart. Turn the toes out, as you are pointing to the corners of the mat. Bend the knees over the toes, and lower the hips. Bring the tights parallel to the ground. Extend the arms on the sides, then bend the elbows and point to the ceiling with the fingertips. Hold up for 5 breaths. Keep the spine right and relax.  

5. Boat Pose Single Press 

Sit down and extend the legs in front of you. Bend your knees and press the feet to the ground. Put your hands on the hamstrings or the tights. Root your spine and lift one leg until you can balance your body. Extend the arms and hold up for 5 breaths.  

6. Forearm Side Plank Rotations 

Lie down on the grown on the left side. Place your elbow under your shoulder. Keep the feet, ankles, and legs together. Push the right elbow as you raise your hips and glutes off the ground. Extend the right arm. Rotate the torso and try to reach the upper side of the body with the right arm. Repeat for 10 times.  

7. Hip Bridge 

Lie down on your back and band arms and knees by the hips. Squeeze the glutes while lifting the hips. Form a diagonal line from the shoulders to the knees. Hold for a second and lower back down. Repeat 3 sets.  

8. Down Dog Knee Drive 

Bend down on your arm and lift your left leg. Then, bend the left knee and move it forward to the forehead. Extend the back leg, and pull the knee outside the left elbow. Extend the back leg again, and pull the knee to the right elbow. Repeat 3 times.  

9. Warrior 2 Arm Extensions 

Place your left foot to the back of the mat and lower the back foot. Bend the right knee at a 90° angle and extend the back leg. Extend the right arm over the right leg and the left arm over the left leg. Breath in and out and relax your shoulder. Hold up for half a minute. Change sides.  

10. Push-up Shoulder Tap 

Start in a quadruped position on the ground with the knees and the shoulders under the hips. Extend one leg, extend the elbows, but keep the head in a neutral position. Slowly lower to the ground and unlock the elbows. Lower until the upper arms are parallel to the ground.  

Return to the starting point and extend the elbows. Lift one hand and touch your opposite shoulder. Lower back and repeat with the other hand.  

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