A True Story: Making A Small Change In Her Lifestyle Helped This Woman To Lose 125 Pounds

You need strong determination and will if you want to lose weight. It can be hard and challenging in the beginning, but you should never give up.  

If you want to lose weight, aggressive diets are not a good alternative because they can a negative impact on your overall health. Go step by step and lose weight gradually. Keely Dellit, who has three children, is a case in point. She managed to lose 125 pounds in 14 months.  


How did Keely manage to lose weight?  

Keely waa patient and lost weight in a healthy way. As a teenager, she worked in a fast-food restaurant and gained weight suddenly. Later, her pregnancy also contributed to her weight. She weighed about  280 lbs.  


When she gave birth to her third child, she decided that it is high time for her to lose weight and improve her overall health. Her plan for losing weight was regular exercising and consuming a wholesome diet. She decided to make a tiny change in her lifestyle that will help her enhance her life quality.  

In the beginning, Keely avoided consuming threats and fast food. Instead, she chose smaller portions. Then, she added healthier substitutions to her diet. For instance, she ate grilled chicken instead of crispy chicken.  

Kelly chose smaller portions. She drank sparkling water instead of soda and juice and used brown rice instead of white rice. She used plant-based milk and added low-carb foods to her diet. He started eating at home and avoided takeout. Also, she consumed plenty of water.  


Her daily menu contained these ingredients: 

  1. Breakfast – she consumed a bowl of berries and oatmeal, and 2 scrambled eggs. 
  2. Lunch – she ate tuna or grilled chicken with a large salad, such as peppers, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, and carrots.  
  3. Dinner – she consumed steamed fish with cooked vegetables. 
  4. Snack – she consumed carrots sticks, protein bars, or peanut butter. 

In the first six months, she added that she went walking and did exercises that she found on the internet. Then, she took part in a boot camp class and became a certified personal trainer.  

In 14 months, she managed to lose 125 pounds. Even though she faced up with many difficulties, she never gave up. She should respect her choices if she wanted to succeed. In the end, she succeeded, and now she is helping other people who want to achieve the same goal. She advises other people to start slow in the beginning and to focus on the beautiful experiences they achieve every single day. 

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