A Smart Woman Discovered That Her Husband Was Lying To Her

It was a sunny day. A wife received a call from her husband, telling her that his boss and some friends of him invited him to go fishing at a lake in Canada. He told her that he will be gone for a week. Moreover, he added that this trip would be a great chance for him to get the promotion that he had been longing for.  

Then, he asked his wife to pack him his traveling case and to prepare his fishing box and rod. Moreover, he added that he will come from work to take the traveling case since they will leave from the office. In the end, he asked her to pack him his blue silk pajamas.  

His last request confused his wife and made her suspicious. Even though she did not believe his story, she packed his stuff. When he finished work, he came home, picked up his traveling case, and left immediately.  

After a week, her husband came back home. She asked him how the trip was and whether he caught many fish. He replied that he and his friends caught many fish.  

Later, he asked his wife why she had not packed his blue silk pajamas as he had ordered. The woman told him that she had packed them and they were inside the fishing box.  

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