The Juice That Improves Your Sleep And Boosts Your Health

Do you know the most popular drinks that boost your health in recent years? Green juice and lemon water are already well-known, but there is one that has been underrated.

Tart cherry juice is a drink made from tart cherries that are most prevalent in Europe and North America. These cherries that are known as Montmorency cherries are excellent for your health, especially when you make juice from them.

Some of the health benefits of this juice are the following:

It helps you overcome insomnia

Tart cherry juice can improve the quality of your sleep due to the high amounts of melatonin that it contains. Many people take magnesium or other supplements to make their sleep better. But this juice is a natural and healthy solution to this big problem.

It helps you recover fast from a hard workout

If you mix tart cherry juice with some protein powder, it will help your muscles to recover much faster. The polyphenols that it contains lower the muscle pain that athletes feel after a tough workout.

It eases osteoarthritis symptoms

Research shows that people who drink tart cherry juice every day, experience less pain, move better and faster and the overall quality of their life improves more than those who don’t consume this drink. One study found that participants who were taking this juice had less pain in the knees that was a consequence of osteoarthritis, compared to those who didn’t drink tart cherry juice.

It improves cardiovascular health

Tart cherry juice has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics that make it great for regulating blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol. These cherries are rich in polyphenol anthocyanins that slow the aging process.

Good to know

Tart cherry juice has a sharp, acid taste despite being rich in natural sugar. It doesn’t have fiber, so it doesn’t slow down the absorption of sugar into our bodies. Therefore, be careful to not consume it in high amounts.

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