5 Management Lessons to Read And Learn From

Lesson number 1

While a woman was coming out of the shower, her husband was getting ready to get in. The doorbell rang at that moment and the woman quickly ran to the door with her bathrobe on. When she opened it, she saw Bob, their neighbor, who immediately told her that he will give her $800 if she showed him her body by opening the bathrobe.

She did it without thinking carefully. Bob gave her a peek and handed her the cash. After that, he left and she went upstairs.

Passing by the bathroom her husband asked her who rang. She told him that it was their neighbor Bob, and he asked whether Bob mentioned something about the 800 dollars that he owes him.

The lesson that you can learn from this example, is to always share every information related to your money with your partner, as the only way to prevent unwanted exposure.

Lesson number 2

A priest was driving and saw a nun. He offered her a ride and as she was getting in the car, she crossed her legs, revealing one of them. The naked leg drew the priest’s attention and almost had an accident. He succeeded to get control over the car and as he continued driving, he slid his hand up her leg. The Nun then asked him whether he has read Psalm 129. He removed his hand but after a short time, he did it again.

She asked him again the same question. When they arrived she walked away. The priest went to church and read Psalm 129 where it says: Go forth and seek, further up, you will find glory.”

The lesson that you have just learned is that you need all the information, otherwise you might miss some opportunity.

Lesson number 3

One manager went to lunch together with his secretary and a sales rep. On the way, they saw an old oil lamp in an antiquity shop. When they rub it, a genie came out and he said that he will fulfill one desire to each one of them. They were quarreling who to go first, and the manager and the sales rep let the secretary go before them because she was shouting me first all the time.

So, she said she wants to go to the Bahamas, driving a speedboat free of worries. The genie immediately granted her this wish.

After her, the sales rep started to yell, me next, saying that his wish is to relax in Hawaii where he wants to drink Mojitos on a beach all the time together with the love of his life. The genie fulfilled his wish and sent him away.

Then the genie asked the manager what does he want. The manager answered that his wish is for both of them to come back to the office after lunch.

The lesson that we’ve learned from this story is that you should always let your manager speak first.

Lesson number 4

A rabbit was passing by a tree and suddenly saw an eagle sitting at the top of the tree. The rabbit asked the eagle if he can sit just like him, doing nothing. The eagle looked down and said to the rabbit to do that. Then the rabbit sat down under the eagle to have a rest, but then a fox jumped out and ate him.

What can you learn from this lesson? If you want to do nothing in your life and just sit, you have to sit very, very high up.

Lesson number 5

One turkey began to chat with a bull. She told him that what she wants the most is to get on the top of a high tree but she can’t because she is not strong enough. The bull gave her advice to take small bites out of his droppings because they contain a lot of nutrients that can give her enough energy. She took his advice and the droppings gave her strength to reach the lower tree branches.

The next day she ate more droppings and she got to the higher branches. On the third day, she ate more and she was able to get to the top. While she was proudly roosting, a farmer saw her and shot her down.

The learned lesson is that bullsh*t sometimes helps you get to the top but it will never help you stay there.

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