8 Things You Must Look For In A Relationship

What are the things that you are looking for in a relationship?

What things do you consider important for one relationship to work out?

Read these tips and find out how you can create a lasting connection with the people you love.

1. Maintain a level of independence

An independent lifestyle is a healthy approach that will help partners to build a stronger relationship. Sometimes we attach to the people we love so much that we forget who we are. So, it is crucial, especially at the beginning of any relationship, to stay independent, living your own life, having your support system, and spending time alone.

2. Form balanced boundaries

When you start seeing someone, the relationship can quickly become very intense. At that point, you need to take a step back and think more carefully about where your connection is headed.

Are you forming a healthy relationship or a toxic one? Is your relationship free from pressures or is it balanced?

Are you worried when they don’t reply to your messages immediately?

Do they pressure you to commit after only a few dates?

These things indicate the future of your relationship, so never ignore them. Healthy boundaries are the key to forming great relationships that will last for a long time. In a healthy relationship, you should feel comfortable saying no to things that are not acceptable to you.  And one of the most important things to remember is that you are two wholes that come together in unity, you don’t complete one another.

3. Stay true to yourself

You should not change who you are just to be with someone. You should continue with your life and never stop doing the things that you love doing just because you want to spend more time with your partner. One day you might regret avoiding your friends, family, and all the things that were part of your life before you have met your current partner.

Although this is normal in a certain measure, it is not healthy for you and your relationship because it leads to resentment and despair.

4. Share your emotional load

When you are looking for a partner, make sure to find someone who is always there for you to give you support. You as a couple will go through many things in life, so you really need someone who wants to share the emotional load.

You don’t deserve someone who will neglect you emotionally. What you need is a partner who can stand with you, holding your hand in every challenge you face. Team-work is very important, especially when hard times hit you, you should respond together as a couple.

5. Leave room for growth

Spending a lot of time with your partner makes you feel like you two make one whole. But, you must keep in mind that you are still being you, and there are many things that you can still do as an individual. You are a complete human being, and you don’t need anyone in order to complete you.

You need another whole human being who can encourage your growth and accept who you are, and who you want to be. This means that they are not jealous of you and your progress and that they believe in you. Self-growth and ambition don’t mean that you want to detach yourself from your partner, it means that you are responsible for yourself.

Therefore, look for a partner who is not afraid of your personal growth and success.

6. Accept your differences

It is very comfortable and enjoyable to be with someone who likes doing the same things as you do. But, it is a real adventure to have a partner who has different hobbies, opinions, and ideas. This way, they can open your mind to many new things and challenge you to think differently than before.

If you accept your differences, this will strengthen your relationship like nothing else. Your differences will not tear you apart but will bring you even closer.

7. Stay open-minded

It is not enough to just accept each other’s differences, but both of you need to be open to each other’s ideas, trying your best to adapt to every change you face as a couple.

Therefore, be open-minded to your partner’s desires and plans, for example, for studying abroad or starting a new business.

Being open is very important for your relationship because you will meet a lot of unplanned things in life that you will have to put an effort to adapt to them quickly.

8. Trust and respect each other

Looking for trust in a relationship is the minimum expectation you can have. To feel safe and respected is very crucial for a successful relationship.

Therefore, when you find someone who listens to you, trusts you, and respects you, try to keep him/her by your side and offer the same back.

When looking for a partner, keep your standards high. Never feel like you are too demanding. Your partner must give you support, respect, and trust, otherwise, you should not be with them. So, be realistic and value yourself more. Never settle for anything less than what you deserve.

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