5 Laws Of Weight Loss: Here Is How To Lose Weight In Each Part Of The Body

Scientists believe that fat distribution in the body can tell a lot about your health routines. Moreover, it can also enhance the process of weight loss.  

In this article, we will show you a few laws of weight loss, which can help you burn stubborn fat and lose weight in no time.  

5 weight loss laws: How to lose weight in each part of the body

The upper part of the body 

If you have fat deposits in your hands, forearms, shoulders, back, abdomen, and chest, it means that you are physically inactive and follow an unhealthy diet.  

To burn fat in the upper part of the body, you should consume 500 – 1000 calories per day and do exercises 5 times per week for 30 – 60 minutes. To achieve better results, do some push-ups and sit-ups that engage the upper body.  

The abdominal area (from the navel to the lumbar part) 

If fat is accumulated in the abdominal area, it means that the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, is increased.  

Therefore, to burn belly fat, you should consume food rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals and do some relaxing exercises, such as Pilates or yoga.  

Stomach bloating can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol or breathing difficulties.  

The entire back (the abdominal area from the chest) 

If excess fat is accumulated in the abdominal back from the chest, it means that you overeat or skip meals. It also suggests that you consume unhealthy foods and are psychically inactive.  

To lose weight, you should stick to a healthy and balanced diet and have 5 meals on a daily basis. Consume meals in moderate amounts and include low-calorie foods into your diet. In addition, stay active, walk, and run to lose stubborn fat.  

The tights and buttocks (the area of the abdomen) 

Reduced physical activity can lead to excess fat in the tights and the buttocks. Therefore, cycling, lower body training, and circular training are very effective in targeting these parts of the body and stimulating weight loss.

The buttocks and legs (the abdominal area) 

Excess fat in the abdominal area of the body can occur as a result of pregnancy. If you want to burn abdominal fat, you should do regular exercises, such as cycling or circular training.

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