Treat Ear Infection and Earache With This Incredibly Simple Trick

Ear infection and earache are very common health problem, especially in children. They are characterized by intense discomfort and pain. The pain can be so big that becomes unbearable, leading to sleep and eating problems. Sometimes you cannot concentrate on anything else but the pain that you feel.

The main cause of ear pain is usually ear infection. Inflammation causes severe pain, and other symptoms, such as sore throat and sinus pressure, because infected areas near the ear may also affect the ear as well.

Many people turn to medicine to help themselves, and they usually use eardrops, take antibiotics, and other medicaments. But, the best way to treat this issue is very simple, natural, and most importantly without side effects. You only need a sock and sea salt, nothing else.

How to prepare a salt sock remedy?

You need cotton socks and one and a half cups of sea salt.

Warm a skillet on the stove on medium heat. Put all of the sea salt in the sock, tie it, and put it in a pan to heat for around 5 minutes.

Finally, put it on the infected ear. You will immediately feel relieved because the heat will lessen the pain, absorb toxins, and heal the infection. Sea salt acts as an antiseptic, eliminating moisture from your ear.

Next time when you feel ear pain, don’t wait! Try this immediately and you will be surprised. It is an easy trick that can be simply done by adults and children too. It is a very cheap, natural, and very effective remedy that you can give to yourself or someone in need.

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