The Miraculous Japanese Facial Massage That Will Make You Look Ten Years Younger

The Japanese culture has always been interesting from different points of view. Take the food for example – the Japanese have based their diets around rice which is one of the reasons they’re so healthy. These people live long because they pay a lot of attention to their health. They also pay a lot of attention to their appearance – ever seen a Japanese woman with anything less than glowing skin? Enter the Tanaka facial massage.

Women around the world have always wondered how Japanese women can have such spotless skin. It’s like they don’t age. Of course, that’s impossible, but with proper care routines and a healthy diet, you can make your skin glow. Additionally, facial massages such as the popular Tanaka you will forever erase wrinkles off your skin. Do it every day and you’ll look much younger, not to mention better.

What is the Tanaka Facial Massage?

This brilliant massage is commonly used by Chinese women to fight wrinkles and the effects of aging. Our skin, as you know, is very fragile and not paying attention to it can lead to saggy skin and wrinkles as you age.

No matter how expensive your night creams are it seems that sometimes nothing works. Well, unless you count the Japanese facial massage in. The Tanaka massage is a miracle worker that will make you look at least 10 years younger in only 2 weeks.

Invented by Yukuko Tanaka, the massage is said to rejuvenate your skin no matter how old you are and make you look at least 10 years younger. The makeup artist herself claims that if you start at an early age, you will never have wrinkles. That’s quite a bold claim, but it may really be true.

How Does it Work?

The unique massage will stimulate your lymph glands and your blood flow in the face. This is essential if you want to keep your skin healthy. Don’t worry – it’s not hard to perform. As a matter of fact, anyone can do it. Repeat the process every day and it’ll work better than a facelift or skin icing while making your face look young and fresh.

Apart from ‘ironing out’ your skin, the Tanaka facial massage will also stimulate the removal of toxins from your face. This is an added plus that help you age gracefully. It will loosen your facial muscles and allow the skin to nicely settle down resulting in no wrinkles or any other skin problems.

Does the Tanaka Facial Massage Involve Oils?

No, it doesn’t. You can do it easily with your fingers, although you can use olive, almond or coconut oil. They’re great for your skin. However, they’re not that important and you can do it without them.

How to Perform the Massage

As mentioned, the Tanaka facial massage is pretty simple to perform. As you can see from the video below, you need to close your mouth and work on your facial muscles, not rub your skin. Finish each step of the process gently and slowly for the best results. Make sure to apply pressure with your palms besides your fingers. However, if it hurts too much, lessen it a bit. You should feel a bit sore, but it shouldn’t hurt.

The Tanaka facial massage can be performed daily. As a matter of fact, many encourage it. It’s one of the best facial massages you can try and will drastically improve the look of your facial skin.

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