A List Of Morning Stretches That Can Help You Eliminate Excess Fat, And Relieve Muscle Stiffness And Pain

Do you do stretches when you wake up? If no, here are some reasons why you should start doing morning stretches.  

There are numerous health benefits of morning stretching, including: 

  1. Relieves stiffness, tension, and pain in the muscles 
  2. Enhances memory and promotes energy production 
  3. Stimulates blood circulation 
  4. Reduces stress and depression 
  5. Reduces appetite and aids in weight loss 

12 morning stretches to improve your overall health 

  1. Child’s Pose 

Kneel on the ground and touch the toes. Push the torso forward and touch the ground with your head. Extend the arms in front of you.  

    2. Standing Forward Bend 

Stand and keep your feet wide apart. Bend your body, until you can touch the ground with your hands. Exhale. You can also bend the knees.  

     3. Downward-facing Dog 

Bend the upper body, extend the arms towards the ground and take a step back. Squeeze the hips, but keep the spine straight. You will feel the stretch in the back of the legs.  

    4. Three-legged Dog 

Raise your right leg in the air. Then, place it down and repeat the same with the other leg. Bend the knees to raise your legs higher.  

    5. Lunge 

Bend your knee and bring the leg forward. Put your hands on the ground and extend the other leg. Lift the chest.  

    6. Crescent lunge 

Place your arms over your head and keep the torso straight. Clasp the palms together and raise your head towards the ceiling. Keep the spine straight and relax your shoulders.  

    7. Warrior II 

While standing, extend one leg in front of you and bend the knee. Extend the other leg behind you. Extend your arms at the sides and turn your head toward your bend leg. 

    8. Reverse warrior 

Exhale and place your right hand on the right leg. Inhale and raise your left arm. Look at the ceiling. Bend the left knee, but keep the feet on the floor.  

    9. Triangle Pose 

Bend one leg and straighten it. Extend your arms at the sides. Stretch the left hand forward. Place the left hand next to the left leg. Your leg should be parallel to the left ear. Raise your right hand and look at the ceiling. Elevate your chest.  

    10. Plank 

Lie down on your stomach. Then, lift your body while supporting it on your toes and forearms. Keep the body and the spine straight.  

    11. Upward Dog 

Bend down the elbows and inhale. Place your hands next to the body. Clasp your hands, point to the toes, elevate the chest, and keep the arms straight. Raise your knees and hips slowly. Then, press on the tops of your feet to support your legs.  

    12. Cat and Cow 

Lower your knees and chest to the floor. Inhale and sit down on all four. Keep the hands beneath the shoulders and the knees beneath the hips. Bend your back like an arch.  

Elevate the tailbone and look at the ceiling. Exhale and bring the chest to the chin. Tighten your core and rotate the back. Repeat 6 – 10 times.  

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