You Can Sleep Among Elephants In The Jungle Bubbles Rooms In Thailand

Do you want to live in nature and sleep under the stars among animals?

You have the chance to experience this in Thailand, in the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort. Here you can enjoy observing elephants from luxurious rooms that are called Jungle Bubbles.

Antara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp And Resort

There are two bubble rooms in the resort, that are designed by the company Eye In The Sky. The rooms offer you an amazing view of the elephants and the night sky filled with stars.

Antara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp And Resort

They are more than 200 square feet big and are consist of one living room, one-bedroom, and a high-class bathroom. All of the rooms are air-conditioned too.

In the resort, you can see 22 elephants saved from the streets. It cooperates with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in order to get support for the elephants.

Antara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp And Resort

One night stay for two people in the bubble room will cost you around 570 USD. The prize includes eating all the time, a dinner basket, and a minibar. You can choose the bubble experience as an additional activity for which you must pay separately.


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