When He Got Her Divorce Letter He Was Shocked

Divorce is becoming more and more prevalent today. It is not easy to deal with a broken marriage, so people usually do some things that come back to them like a boomerang. This is a very interesting story that we want to share with you. It will not only make you laugh a lot, but you will also learn something important.

The husband’s letter

One husband was not happy in his marriage and was dissatisfied with his wife. So, he wrote a letter for her in which he told her that he has decided to leave her. In the letter, he described how he has been feeling in the past seven years of marriage with her. For that period, he did a lot of things for her, but she didn’t show appreciation for that. He claims that he was a very good husband, but he felt like that wasn’t enough for her. He wrote that he was especially hurt during the last two weeks when he went through the biggest nightmare ever. She didn’t notice the meal that he prepared for her, and he made a new haircut and bought silky boxers that she didn’t even notice.

Also, she has quit her job and didn’t tell him anything about it. Therefore, he has concluded that she doesn’t love him and that maybe she is unfaithful to him. He also realized that there is nothing that holds them together as husband and wife and that is why he brought the decision to leave her.

At the end of the letter, he mentioned that he is moving away with her sister and he is asking her to not follow them. When she read the letter, she replied to him immediately.

The wife’s letter

She explained everything, how she felt very excited to see that he wrote her a letter. She also confessed that she never succeeded to accept him completely. About cooking her favorite meal, she didn’t have a reaction because pork wasn’t her favorite meal since they got in marriage. So, she thought that maybe he has confused her with her sister. She also noticed his new haircut, but she thought that it is so horrible that she would rather not say anything than hurt him. About his boxers, she hoped that it is a mere coincidence that they cost as much as the amount of money that her sister asked to borrow from her that morning. The boxers still had the price tag on. Despite all, she didn’t give up on him. She still hoped their marriage will work out.

She won 10 million dollars on a lottery – that is why she quit her job. She decided to buy tickets for her and her husband to Jamaica. Sadly, when she wanted to surprise him, he was gone. Even though he left her, she feels happy because everything happens for a reason. She has best wishes for him, to find the life he dreams about. After consulting her lawyer, she decided to not give him a penny from her money.

And her PS is the most interesting part. She is telling him that her sister is actually a man who changed his gender through surgeries and that she hopes that he will accept that detail about “her”.

Unbelievable, right?

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