Three Personal Characteristics Of People Who Own A Cat Or A Dog

Research suggests that being a cat or a dog person says a lot about your personality.  If you are a cat or a dog person, read the descriptions below and find out what they say about you. 

1. Dog people are extroverts 

Studies confirmed that dog people are less neurotic and more extroverted than cat people. Moreover, they also showed that cat people were more open to experience than dog people.  

2. Cat people are intelligent and curious 

Dog people are active and outgoing. However, according to studies, people who own a cat are open-minded and sensitive. Studies also suggested that cat people scored higher results on intelligence tests.  

Moreover, when it comes to the motives of owning a pet, 38% of dog people stated that they were looking for a companion, whereas 45.6% of cat people said that they were looking for affection.  

3. The pet you own reflects the way you look at the world 

One study showed that conservative people prefer dogs, whereas liberal people want cats. It is considered that people look for a pet that matches their own personalities.  

Social Dominance Orientation, an ideological stance, which stands for hierarchy among people and groups, tested people and found out that dog people are more competitive but less assertive than cat people.  

Finally, some people think that the distinction between cat people and dog people is a stereotype and that it assesses whether a person is more feminine or masculine.

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