The First 3 Words You See Will Show You What To Expect in 2021

Everyone wants to know what the future holds. Especially in times like these, full of uncertainty and doubt about what to expect, many of us will try to find some comfort in predicting what lies ahead. Knowing in advance what will happen can lower your anxiety and make you feel safer.

Of course, all of us hope that something good is before us and that we will avoid all the negativity that happens now. 2020 was a very stressful year for all of us. So now as we move closer towards 2021, we are more than ready to have a little fun, to enjoy the holidays, and try to forget everything about all the information that we’ve been bombarded with throughout the year. Maybe this quick word search will give you a smile on your face and will relax you a little.

This puzzle is made up of a lot of different words. You can find words from different categories, like food-related and many others. Most probably you’ve played these kinds of word games many times throughout your life. It is very interesting, so why not try to play it again? So, what three words did you find first? Did you expect them or not? What were your expectations for 2021? Do you believe those three words will really define the next year of your life?


The first three words that I saw were travel, money, and boyfriend. If this is true then I should be joyful about 2021 as it will be a year full of traveling, romance, and financial opportunities.

After finding your three words, are you ready for 2021? I am pretty excited and eager to see how life will be.

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