Test Your Visual Skills With This Optical Exercise of Two Women

Are you enjoying optical tests, illusions, visual tricks, and puzzles? Do you want some fun that is useful too, such as optical testing of your skills? Then read more below and stay with us. What we have will tickle your brain and exercises your mind, make you think sharper, and improve your mental skills too.

The illisions we see work in a way that with the light on some colors, even opposite kind patterns can appear peculiar and make our brain see other things. You will understand that you see an illusion but also you will see and notice more and more details all the time.

These illusions are in fact just illusions, and they make our eyes deceived. As we said, every segment of the pictures will have an effect on our eyes, the light, the colors, and other details too, so at first, we might see things that are not correct or original. Have you sometimes seen a stereogram? Then you know what and how illusions do and work. Stereogram, for example, deceives the eyes and makes us see the wrong picture! Now let us see our illusion.

See the picture closely and in detail and pay attention. Can you count how many women appear to you at first? One or two? Look focused and see again! Did you see two again? Well, surely you saw more than one we hope. Such illusions are mysterious and many experts try to explain them and how they deceive us. They say that every person sees differently and we all connect the dots by the present image and something we have seen moments or days ago. So, the final result is our brain makes a brand new image!

Did you find the 2 women this time clearly? If yes, congrats and we admit your visual skills are great. If you didn’t see the 2 at once, we will help. To the left of the image, a girl is way back, and this is obvious. But on the right, there is a woman who is older and this is hardly seen.

If you liked this, stop seeing further and expect new riddles and puzzles from us.

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