Take a Look At The New Very Cool Pedal Powered Forklift Designed For Kids That Can Pick Things Up

Kids Are Crazy For This Forklift

If you wondered what gift to buy for your child this Christmas, we are here to help you make the right choice. We don’t know why, but so many kids are fascinated by forklifts. When they see it in action, they are just amazed. Therefore, we guess that one of their biggest wishes is to try to drive the forklift by themselves.

If you gift your child a pedal-powered forklift, they will feel like they are driving a real forklift machine. This forklift is specially designed for kids to learn how to operate with it. That’s why it is very similar to a real forklift. For example, it can pick things up and the model is Taken from the Linde Lime Tree Series 394.

The Forklift Can Pick Things Up

Your child will definitely have a great time playing with this forklift that has a wooden palette which the child can use for lifting and lowering objects. This toy comes fully equipped, allowing your child to feel like it is a real forklift. It also has steering wheels and a honk.

Who Is The Product Made For?

This forklift is made for children aged 3 years and above. It can be used for a long time, as its seat can be easily adjusted to the age and height of the child. The toy can be easily assembled because together with the purchase you get all the tools you need for its construction. According to the description, the forklift is 18,7 kg (or 44 pounds) heavy.

You can buy this product on Amazon. MotoTec Big Linde Forklift

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