Sometimes Being Alone is Better Than Being With The Wrong Person

Everyone wants to be with someone they love and to be loved by them in return. Being in a relationship is certainly one of the biggest satisfaction in life, however, that may not be always the best choice. 

Some people jump from relationship to relationship because they can’t stand the loneliness or they fear that they will end up with no one by their side. And in turn, they end up with someone that you are not compatible with.

In such moments, we need to make the right choice. Is it worth it to waste your time with someone not deserving of your time and attention? Do you fear being alone that much?

Sometimes being single for a while is the best choice you can make until you make up your mind about what you want in life. Maybe for the time being it is better to stop chasing other people and start rediscovering yourself and your happiness within. 

If you read this article, it could mean that you are in a relationship with someone you are second-guessing. Or you already left someone, and you want to make sure you made the right choice. Here we give you some of the signs the person you have on mind is not right for you and you are better off alone. 

It seems like you lose your self-confidence

You have been in a relationship with them for a while and they started taking you for granted. You may do nice things for your partner but instead of being appreciative, they are acting indifferent or even critical towards you. This could make you feel insecure about yourself. If they don’t acknowledge the things you do for them, it’s a huge sign that you should reconsider why you are in that relationship. Cast him out of your life and surround yourself with people who do value you.

They deplete you 

Every time you spend time with them, you only feel depleted and irritated. That means that something is seriously wrong in that relationship, and you need to find a way out of there. You need someone who will make you feel motivated and energized instead of negative and lifeless. In that case, there’s nothing more important than being alone for some time to reclaim your joy for life you lost while being in that draining relationship.

 They are no longer affectionate with you 

If your partner does not meet your emotional and physical needs, it’s a big warning sign that that relationship has come to its end. Life is too short to waste it with someone who doesn’t show you the love and affection you deserve. You are worthy of being in a relationship where you are loved and celebrated. Choose to be alone instead and be good to yourself. Practice self-love until you meet someone who will give you the care and love you long for.

They are controlling you

If he is controlling who you hang out with or if they are checking your text messages constantly, that’s a huge red flag that you bumped into a possessive person. Because of their insecurities, they might start stripping you away from the people you cherish and rely on for support. Controlling your every move may seem sweet and caring in the beginning, however, that is not love, but emotional abuse. Being in a relationship does not mean someone should invade your personal space and take away your freedom.

 Being alone is not that bad as you may think. It can be one of the most remarkable experience, because, in that aloneness, you may experience true inner freedom and happiness. And in turn, your next relationship will be more enjoyable.

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