6 Simple Tips For How To Wash Your Hair The Right Way

One segment of essential hygiene is to wash the hair and do it properly to make it look healthy and well taken care of. But, did you know that the way you do this will impact the glow and overall look of your hair? The frequency of washes does not affect this, and also the type of shampoo does not really have a role as well, so only the method of washing and how you do this has an effect.

We will offer you some advice from the best hair experts of New York and it will give you a better direction of how to do the washing properly, to not cause hair damage, and even promote better health, shine, and growth too.

First, thorough rinsing

The hair must be wet completely and not just partially or lightly. Same way as your laundry clothes need to be wet to be washed with the detergent, the same rule applies to the hair and the shampoo. Proper wetness will ensure better cleansing of the dirt and debris, greasiness, and warmth of the water will open the pores and let the chemical product oils penetrate well into the follicles.

For those of you with long hair, or at least lower than the shoulder line – try conditioning first and then shampoo after

This method preserves the long strands of hair from drying or damage. The ends will remain glossy and healthy and lock in their natural moisture, so the end result will always be shine and healthy look.

Only your scalp needs shampoo

The scalp skin is the one needing shampoo because this part gets greasy, not the hair below the head scalp. So, apply most shampoo to this area, and let the rest of the foam reach the other hair parts. Do not shampoo the hair ends, because they are very brittle and gentle anyways, so avoid damaging them further.

Gentle massaging is also beneficial

Hair washing is not just shampoo and rinse – there is also pleasant hair massaging as well. Most of the time, breakage occurs when the hair follicle is too damaged and under friction. After you shampoo the roots and scalp, apply light and medium pressure with your fingers, and do vertical movements and strokes too. Try not to go circular, unless you want entangled hair.

One shampooing is enough

There is really no need to shampoo the hair more than once unless it is extremely dirty and you might have also applied some oil treatment before the bath.

Use the conditioner only halfway down or the ends only

When the shampoo is rinsed and this is done, squeeze excess water and then apply the mask or conditioner. To not let the hair touch your shoulders, wear it up supported with a clip, before you rinse this out. The more you leave this treat your hair, the better the results. No conditioner for the scalp, and remember this – it will only make the hair greasy.

Cold rinsing as the last step

Coldwater will lock in the shine and keep the hair healthy and glossy.

Plus note: Please take good time and care into choosing the hair products you use. Always know your hair type when you switch brands or products. If you have dyed hair, use products intended for colored hair, or if you have dry hair, use extra moisture and shine products. If you have greasy hair, use products that prolong the timespan between washes, and if these make the hair too dry, you can always add some shine or oil to it easily.

What frequency is best for washing the hair?

For extreme cases of very oily hair, the daily wash is a good idea, but if the hair is normal or a  bit dry, 3 times weekly is enough. Still, please keep in mind, the more washing, the more grease. So always know your hair type.

It is amazing how healthy and shiny your hair will become if you practice our advice and always know which products are fit for you.

If you prefer watching, here is a video with some extra tips for healthy hair:





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