How The Way You Sleep Has an Effect on Your Health

Every one of us sleeps differently, and some of us only sleep well in some positions, not all, while others sleep instantly when in bed. Still, some certain positions are better than others and this is proven. Sinuses, blood pressure, and other issues can benefit a lot from how you sleep.

As the daylight becomes increased, and sunshine gets more frequent for example, we produce less melatonin, the hormone for sleep, so by this logic, we also need less sleep. This is not a formula though, and we can still wake up tired and exhausted. And as a rule, quality is a bit better than quantity, so you always need a good pillow and mattress to be rested well.

Even science proved that bad sleep will worsen health and cause more back pain, headaches, fatigue, neck pain, bad blood flow, and indigestion too among cramps as well. Some experts will even claim the best position for sleeping in the back. This might be a bit true due to the fact that this is a neutral position, and it causes the least pains in the body overall, because the head is also flat, and this will at the same time prevent stomach acids.

If you sleep correctly positioned, in this same one, on the back, then the pillow you have needs to follow your natural spine curve and stabilize your neck. The pillow must be below if this is the case, and never be too high from the chest level. Also, a good tip is to have a small mini pillow under/behind the knees to relieve the pressure on the back too.

Then again, let’s talk about sleeping on the side. In this case, use a medium height pillow, not too much or a little thick-wise, and again, in this case, use a mini pillow between both knees to be neutrally positioned.

If you sleep on the stomach, there is a big risk of neck pain due to the stretching poses here, so avoid this one if you can. With this, there will be larger pressure on the whole body, and thus more intense pain. You can at least try a low-level pillow as support to level yourself flattish on the bed. Also, use a small thin pillow under the pelvis too, and this will soothe your neck and all muscles too.

Neck pain is affected by how we sleep and a lot too! The pillow you use must be perfect for you and your neck and spine. No worries, you can do this relief in other ways too. For example. Doctors even recommend a small piece of cloth, rolled and wrapped like a soft roll. Put this under the neck and that is it!

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