Science Confirms: More Birds Bring More Happiness

A great number of studies show that birds can improve our overall health. Moreover, science confirms that birding represents an antidote to despair.  

Amid the pandemic, birding has become a popular activity that can be practiced near our homes and with safe social distance. When the pandemic occurred last spring, the use of Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird and the participation in the Global Big Day were increased. Moreover, the sale of birdhouses, bird seeds, and other birding supplies increased, too.  

Studies showed that the joy and happiness that birds bring are not only anecdotal. They suggested that birds improve our overall health. A 2019-study, which was carried by the German Center for Integrative Biodiversity Research, indicated that bird diversity led to an increased satisfaction for over 26.000 people from 26 countries. This means that people, who live in natural areas where there are many bird diversities, are happier.  

Not only seeing birds but also hearing them can affect our mood. In a recent study, hikers, who listened to bird songs when they were ambling on a trail, were happier and had more positive experiences. Birdsong helps us be faithful to the ecosystem’s health and the natural order of the world.  

Birds make us happy. They help us pay attention to tiny details and enjoy the present moment. Moreover, they remind us that we are part of something larger than the world inside our heads. Watching birds is a positive experience that brings joy and happiness. 

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