Poodle Cat – A New Breed Of Cat Has Been Discovered

What is Selkirk Rex? 

The poodle cat, which is also known as `a cat in sheep’s clothing’ is not a cross between a cat and the popular poodle dog. Selkirk Rex, or a cat with curly hair, is the real name of this breed of cat.  

The origin of the poodle cat 

In 1987, several kittens were born to a feral cat. However, one of the kittens looked different than the others. It had curly whiskers and fur. Jeri Newman, a breeder of Persian cats, adopted the kitten and named it `Miss DePesto`.  

Nowadays, there are other breeds of cats with curly hair, such as the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex. Nevertheless, the gene of these breeds is not dominant, so the possibility of having a kitten with curly fur is low. Newman did not know whether the gene of the kitten he adopted is dominant. Therefore, he bred it with a Persian PhotoFinish and waited for the results. When the kittens were born, half of them were with curly hair. In this way, Newman showed that the gene of the breed was dominant and made the Selkirk Rex the first dominant curly-hair cat breed.  

How to recognize that your kitten is a Selkirk Rex? 

When a litter is born, it is hard to tell if a kitten has curly or straight hair. The poodle cats, or the Selkirk Rex, have curly whiskers from their birth. Therefore, look at the whiskers.  

How to take care of a Selkirk Rex? 

Cat Fanciers’ Association considers that the Selkirk Rex is a healthy and strong breed. Moreover, they are tolerant, loving, and patient. The care of the Selkirk Rex differs from the care of the other cats. Therefore,  

  1. If you have a Selkirk Rex with short or long hair, you have to brush their hair less than the other straight-haired cats.  
  2. When you bath your poodle cat, do not use coat-fur shampoos.  
  3. The poodle cats have messy and curly hair. Do not try to change it.  

The best friends

The poodle cats are an affectionate and friendly breed. They want to be cuddled. However, if you want to have one of these fun, curly, and soft creatures, you have to pay up for them. One poodle cat can cost from $500 to $800.  

Moreover, poodle cats are not hypo-allergenic like other cats and are not suitable for people with pet allergies.

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