These Jellyfish Succulents Will Transform Your Garden Into An Amazing Aquarium

Jellyfish succulents – a new gardening trend 

Jellyfish succulents represent a variety of succulents planted in one hanging basket that grow towards the ground. When they grow, the basket looks like a jellyfish.  

The jellyfish succulents are easy to take care of. They do not need constant watering. You can water them only when their soil is dry.  

How to make a jellyfish succulent in your garden? 

You first have to choose succulents that will constitute the body and the tentacles of the jellyfish. Then, follow the steps given below to make your perfect jellyfish succulent.  

Step 1: Collect materials 

To make a jellyfish succulent, you will need: 

  • A hanging basket 
  • Soil 
  • Sewing staples 
  • Needle and wire 
  • Two types of plants 

If you want to get a real jellyfish succulent, choose a moss basket, fill it with soil, and plant the succulents on the top of the basket.  

Depending on the size of the succulents and the basket, you will need about 10 – 25 succulents and 4 – 6 tendril plants.  

Step 2: Plant the succulents 

Make sure you fill the basket with high-quality soil. Add fertilizer if you want. First, plant the tentacles a few inches from the outside of the basket. Next, cover the bottom of the basket with felt and fit it nicely around the plants. You will have to turn the basket upside down, so make sure it is thick, secure, and tight enough so that the soil does not fall out on the ground. Finally, thread the wire with the needle in all directions and secure it to the basket.  

Step 3: Add the succulents into the basket 

Turn the basket over, but be careful not to crush the tentacles. Before adding the succulents into the basket, remove any soil and dead leaves of their roots. Then, place the succulents into the moss and secure them with a sewing staple. Leave space between the succulents so that they have space to grow.  

Step 4: Care 

Hang the basket and water the succulents. Make sure to keep the basket moist in part shade, part sun. After some time, if there are visible gaps, you can replace the succulents that have not grown. 

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