Rescue Dog Won`t Let Go Of His New Owner`s Hand On The Ride To His New Home

A video of a rescued dog and his new owner went viral. Even though it is not unusual for a dog and its owner to have a close relationship, the dog on the video just would not let go of his new owner`s hand.  

Stanley, a 6-month-old shelter dog, refuses to let go of his new owner`s hand on the entire ride to his new home

A year ago, Sam Clarence adopted the puppy from a local shelter in Christchurch, New Zealand, and has since then observed the scared dog transform into a `Velcro dog. ` Sam first met Stanely while he was volunteering as a dog walker for the nearby shelter. Two puppies were found living on a deserted property with their mom and were taken by the animal shelter.  

Image Credits: Sam Clarence

Sam was asked to do look after Stanley for a few weeks until they could find somebody to adopt him.  

At first, Stanley was scared of being around people. Sam said that Stanley had been terrified when they arrived home and he needed time to get out of the car. When he got out, Sam gave him a bath, some food, and a comfortable bed in front of the fire. Stanley started to bond with his new owner when adjusted to living in his new home and eating from a bowl.  

As a pup, Stanley used to sleep with Sam on his bed. He used to lay behind him and always have a paw on his back. Whenever Sam moved, Stanley moved, too. Even though Stanley has grown older and wiser, he has never lost his need to be close to Sam. Even if they are out on one of their trips, they have to be touching. Stanley is very forceful about it.  

Image Credits: Sam Clarence

When Sam realized that Stanley was going to be a `foster fail`, he decided to adopt him. Now, both Sam and Stanley love going out on outdoor adventures near New Zealand. Whenever Stanley sees a river or lake, he immediately jumps in. He is Sam’s best buddy and his best traveling partner.

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