How To Wear Shoes With Skirts Of Different Types

Sometimes it is not easy to choose the right outfit. You want to look great and to feel comfortable at the same time. Skirts never go out of fashion and can be easily matched with different jewelry, shirts, and shoes. You should also try on different lengths of skirts and pair them up with different types of shoes.

Many of us are confused when deciding which shoes to wear with our skirt outfits. There is a variety of shoe choices to match with different types of skirts. In this article, we will share the recommended choices of shoes that you can combine with skirts.

There are three types of skirts depending on the length:

Mid skirts + high heels

Midi skirts are best combined with high heels. However, depending on the occasion, you can also wear plain sneakers or flat sandals in a matching color. If you choose a slim or a lounge platform, they will look better with a combination that covers the leg.

Mini skirts + flat shoes

The shorter the skirt is, the lower the shoes should be. Wearing a mini skirt with extremely high heels is out of fashion. If the length of the skirt you wear is above the knees, it is better to combine it with moccasins or ballet flats. You can also put on some sneakers. Nevertheless, if you cannot imagine wearing flat shoes, you can combine the mini skirt with kitten-heels or sandals with low heels.

Maxi skirts + high heels or platforms

Maxi skirts are tailored to emphasize woman`s waistline. They can be combined with vests or belts in different colors. According to the fashion specialists, maxi skirts perfectly fit with platforms and high heels.

As we said above, the material of the skirt is as important as the length of the skirt.

A pleated skirt + boots

Pleated skirts are in. Every woman should have at least one. A skirt with pleats fits perfectly in every combination. You can wear it at work, or when you go out with your friends. When it comes to shoes, it perfectly fits with ankle boots.

A leather skirt + high heels

Leather skirt is a must-have. When buying a leather skirt, make sure it is narrow and straight, and that it highlights the curves. Depending of the color of the skirt, you can wear it with blouses, coats, shirts. It perfectly fits with high heels. Choose the type and high of the skirt depending on your taste and occasion.

A pencil skirt + low comfortable heels

Pencil skirts are great for business occasions. They are welcomed in the outside world, too. Choose a model that is made of natural fabrics. In winter, choose pencil skirts made of cotton, whereas in summer, choose thinner material.

Pencil skirts can be easily combined with different colors and shoes. Depending on the weather conditions and the daily working routine, you can wear them with open or closed high heels.

Tulip skirt + shoes with ankles covered

Tulip skirts emphasize the hips and the curves. Choose a pair of shoes with a matching color with the ankles covered and the toes opened. Tulip skirts perfectly fit with gladiator sandals and pointed-toe shoes. However, if you prefer wearing flat shoes, you can also combine them with sneakers.

Patterns, colors, materials should also be taken into consideration while combining skirts with different types of shoes. There are different ways in which you can style your shoes and skirts together. All these styles are amazing, just pick the one that you like most and dress to impress.

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