A Blind and Deaf Dog Does the Unthinkable by Finding a Missing Kid

Heroes don’t always wear capes. Sometimes, they come in shapes and sizes we can rarely think of. Superman may be dressed in spandex and wear a cape, but dogs certainly don’t. Animals have shown that they can be heroes on several occasions. The latest such story comes from Australia, where a deaf and blind dog made the headlines after finding a missing toddler.

Max, a 17-year old Blue Heeler mix, is the real hero of this story. The dog did something even the police couldn’t do after he located a missing 3-year old in just a couple of hours.

Max the Hero

Max is already a couple of years over his life expectancy. The Blue Heeler mix is deaf and blind, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoy outdoors. He always strolls away from his home and returns. Max lives with his family in Queensland, Australia, including a 3-year old girl who loves him very much.

One day, the girl wandered off sneakily into the woods and didn’t return. Hours went by, and her parents and Max were pretty worried. They organized a search party, informed the police, and went into action. However, no trace was found of Aurora. Over 100 people were involved, and made no progress for over 15 hours.

They were pretty close to the breaking point until Aurora’s grandmother thought she heard some faint cries in the distance. She went in that direction and saw Max standing on a hill. The blind and deaf dog led the grandma to Aurora, who was fortunately safe. She was a bit cold and very scared, but after a medical checkup, it was clear she’s unharmed.

He Kept the Girl Warm

Aside from the dog finding the girl, he stayed with her to keep her company and keep her warm overnight. The only time Max left her was to lead her grandmother to the site. He was rewarded with a police badge for his efforts and a ton of snacks as well.

The story broke out when the local police office shared the news on Twitter. The tweet went viral pretty quickly just like it should have. It’s yet another proof that dogs are ready to do anything to save their loved ones. Here’s a video of the whole story that celebrates Max’s heroics:


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