Tone Up Your Neck & Jawline Fast with These Simple Exercises

Isn’t double chin the worst? While it’s not associated with any health conditions, it’s a major aesthetical issue. With the summer coming up fast, we’re all trying to get in the best possible shape. We’re more prone to double chin as we age due to saggy skin, but that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent the problem.

Targeting specific areas to reduce volume doesn’t mean you need to work harder. It just means you’ll need to be smarter about it. There are specific double chin exercises you can do at home every day that will get rid of the excess skin easily. You have plenty of time to start now and get beach-ready for the summer, so read how to perform them below and enjoy.

Top Exercises Against Double Chin

Perfect Oval

Women believe that oval is the best shape for their faces. Of course, some are born with it, and some have double chin that prevent this face shape. The good news is that there is an exercise that can make your face appear oval. Turn your head to one side then thrust your jaw forward until you feel the stretch. Hold for a few moments then repeat on the opposite side.

A few repetitions of this exercise should get rid of your double chin and make your face more oval.

Touch the Nose

This simple exercise works your chin muscles perfectly. Just stick your tongue out and try to touch your nose with it. The muscles will extend and flatten, which will result in a toned chin if you do the exercise consistently.

Fist Resistance

Make fists and put them under your chin, pushing it and holing for 2-5 seconds. It’s a tiny amount of resistance, but if done regularly, it will reduce the appearance of your double chin.


Open your mouth as wide as you can and bend your lower lip down. Close your mouth by pulling your jaw forward. Do this exercise regularly and you will feel the muscles tighten. Do as many repetitions as you can, then loosen your jaw by opening and closing your mouth before you move on to the next exercise.

Kiss the Ceiling

Here’s another simple, but effective exercise. Just tilt your head upward and ‘kiss’ the ceiling in the air. While it doesn’t sound like a major exercise, it will strengthen your neck and chin muscles, effectively reducing the appearance of your double chin.

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