26 Unexpected Uses For Dandelions Everyone Should Know

Dandelions were used to treat health problems in the past a lot. These yellow weeds in yards and gardens have a lot more benefits than you thought. In the past, they were used against kidney problems as well as a natural painkiller renowned for their efficiency.

Every part of this plant starting from roots to flowers can be eaten; it contains zinc, potassium and iron, also the vitamins D, C, A and B. But, by eating it you get many benefits.

Below are the 26 incredible uses of this flower:

Usually, it is used for skin issues and reducing pain or inflammation.

Pain Relief Oil

This plant reduces muscle or joint pain. Just infuse dandelion flower in some oil and use for massage. Place also fresh dandelion in a jar with base oil, like almond or olive to the very top. Leave ti like that for 2 weeks and strain. Place in a jar and in the fridge.

Pain Salve

Pour the oil in a balm. Also you can mix it with beeswax and place this in a jar and let it cool.

Warts Removal

This plant removes warts with the stems, roots and leaves since it has white sticky resin. That sap can be put on the warts many times daily to remove them.

Lotion Bar

For dry or cracked skin this lotion is a miracle for removing redness and itching. Take dandelion oil and beeswax, also lavender oil and shea butter to make nice cream.

Highly Nutritious

Dandelions are an eatable weed that is highly nutritious. It’s full of various vitamins and minerals as well as inulin, a soluble fiber that can support the healthy bacterial flora in your gut.

Dandelions Vinegar

This type of vinegar can be put in soups, stews, salad and dressings or sauces too. Or just drink as some tonic water. Infuse in vinegar all the flowers for 30 days and strain. You can keep it in a dark place for a year. Although not as powerful as apple cider vinegar, it tastes great and has more than a few health benefits.

Pumpkin Seed Dandelions Pesto

This recipe can be a veggie dip, pasta addition or sandwich spread. Add some lemon juice too and toasted seeds and even parmesan!

Tempura Blossom

Throw the green parts and dip the flower in butter. Fry to make a nice gourmet dish.

Sautéed Green and Garlic

With many vitamins and minerals, you can sauté the dandelion with garlic, capers or ginger to make it less bitter. Also, blanch these in water that boils for half a minute to change the acrid taste.

Vegetarian Risotto

Cook the flower with wine, stock, parmesan and yoghurt.

Waffle and Pancake Syrup

Stir lemon, sugar, honey and dandelions.


Dandelion can replace cabbage easily for typical Korean kimchi. Ferment spices and greens, soy sauce, onion and herbs.


This jelly can be put in toast and donuts and crumpets. Keep it in an airtight container for 2 weeks tops.

Sorbet from petals

Make a delish ice treat from dandelion petals, some lemon juice, sugar, and honey.

Savory muffin

Make muffins soaked in tasty sauce; dandelion petals, flour, honey, and oatmeal and serve with asparagus on the side or pea.


Mix dandelion, oats, honey and lemon to create a tasty cookie that will let you reap the health benefits of the flower.

Refreshing Dandelions-Lime Ice Tea

This tea is not just tasty but clears the skin too. Blend fresh lime, stevia, and dry raspberries. Add quart dandelion flowers, add ice cubes, and enjoy.

Dandelions Blossom Cake

Stir dandelion syrup, cinnamon, mashed pineapple, blossom petals, coconut, walnuts

Two-Ways Danish Schnapps

From the flower heads make desserts (cookies, cakes, chocolate, sauces). Also, brew the plant to make an aromatic liqueur. This can be served with strong tasty meats.

Root Coffee

You can have a caffeine-free beverage from brewed dandelions. Roast them, grind them and cook.


Any country wine can be enriched with these flowers. Cook them with lemon zest, raisins and water for few months.

Garden and Home Uses

  • Yellow dye: cook the heads of the plant to make similar to chemical dye. This can be used to lighten up fabric colors or wool
  • Table centerpiece: take used wood and nails and make a wooden box, hammer the nails in the underside and place dandelions over it.
  • Bees food: this plant is the best seasonal food for bees
  • Goat food: goats also want vegetarian ingredients, so weed of dandelion is a treat to them
  • Fertilizer: you will fill the garden with nutrients if you make liquid fertilizer from this or weed tea. Just place them with deep roots; brew organic fertilizer and spray on flowers and veggie gardens.
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