10 Essential Tricks to Make a Narcissist Obsessed with You

Narcissists are often viewed as toxic and damaging individuals who tend to bring nothing but chaos and negativity into one’s life. However, what if you can turn the tables around and make them obsessed with you?

It may sound counterintuitive, but it is possible to make a narcissist fixate on you in a positive way. Whether it’s a colleague, friend, or romantic partner, knowing how to tap into a narcissist’s desires and needs can help you build a stronger relationship with them.

In this article, we’ll explore some strategies that can help you turn narcissists to be obsessed with you. From understanding their motivations to setting boundaries, we’ll provide practical tips that can make a difference in your interactions with these challenging individuals.

How to Make a Narcissist Obsessed with You: 10 Essential Tricks

Narcissists can be difficult people to deal with, but with the right approach, you can make them become obsessed with you. Whether you’re looking to build a stronger relationship with a narcissistic colleague, friend, or romantic partner, these ten essential tips can help you to tap into their desires and needs and make them fixate on you.

Give Them Praise and Admiration

One thing that narcissists crave more than anything else is attention and validation. They want to be noticed, respected, and admired. So, to make a narcissist obsessed with you, make sure you give them plenty of praise and admiration. Compliment them on their achievements, ask questions about their life and interests, and act interested in what they have to say about themselves.

Make Them Feel Special

Narcissists like to feel unique and important. They want to stand out from the crowd and be recognized for their talents and achievements. So, to make a narcissist obsessed with you, find ways to make them feel special. Remember their favorite things, let them take the lead in conversations, and make them feel like they’re the one and only person in the room.

Be a Good Listener

An effective strategy to make a narcissist fixate on you is to be an attentive listener. Let them share their achievements and ideas. Displaying interest and asking relevant follow-up questions can keep them engaged while building trust and understanding. Moreover, this act of active listening portrays that you value and care about the narcissist’s emotions and opinions.

Set Boundaries

While it’s important to make a narcissist feel good, it’s equally important to set boundaries. Don’t let them take advantage of you or cross your limits. Be assertive and firm in your communication, and let them know when they’ve overstepped their boundaries.

Show Appreciation

Narcissists love to feel appreciated. When they do something nice for you, say thank you and recognize their efforts. This helps to build their confidence and self-esteem and reinforces their positive behavior.

Be Confident

Narcissists are attracted to confident individuals who can keep up with their charm and charisma. So, to make a narcissist obsessed with you, show confidence in your own abilities, opinions, and values. Be sure to stand up for yourself and be assertive when necessary.

Don’t Challenge Them

Narcissists hate being challenged and may become defensive or angry if you do so. So, if you want to make a narcissist obsessed with you, avoid criticizing them or questioning their decisions. Instead, try to find common ground and work together toward a shared goal.

Mirror Their Behavior

One effective way to make a narcissist obsessed with you is to mirror their behavior. Emulate their body language, attitudes, and interests to make them feel more connected to you. This can help to establish a deeper bond and build a sense of trust and rapport.

Avoid Playing Games

While narcissists may enjoy playing games or manipulating others, don’t stoop down to their level. Be authentic, genuine, and honest in your communication and behavior. This helps to build trust and lays the foundation for a healthier, more meaningful relationship.

Have Patience

Making a narcissist obsessed with you takes time and patience. Don’t rush the process and allow the relationship to develop naturally. Be consistent in your behavior and communication, and be prepared to invest time and energy into building a strong, positive connection with them.

By following these ten essential tips, you can make a narcissist become obsessed with you in a positive way. Remember to remain authentic, respectful, and honest in your communication and behavior, and don’t forget to set boundaries and practice self-care when necessary. With the right approach, you can build a stronger, more meaningful relationship with even the most difficult of people.

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