Your Toes Tell A Lot About Your Personality

The unusual practice of foot reading has been practiced in China for more than 5000 years. It is similar to foot reflexology, which works on the principle that foot areas mirror the rest of the body.  

According to the studies, the shape and length of your toes can tell a lot about your personal characteristics. The Indian and the Chinese cultures consider that the shape of your feet and toes can reveal your personality. 

Read the article below and find out what the shape of your toes reveals about your personality.  

1. Egyptian feet 

Egyptian feet are characterized by toes that get smaller from the big toe to the little toe. People with Egyptian feet are creative, intelligent, and have excellent problem-solving skills.  

However, these people are often insecure, and often fail to complete their work.  

2. Greek Feet 

Greek feet are people whose second toe is bigger than the big toe and the other toes are gradually lower in length. These people are great leaders and their main goal is to be successful. Moreover, they are demanding and always look for perfection.  

Based on the Indian legends, mothers did not let their children marry a Greek feet woman, because it was considered that they have a commanding personality.  

3. Roman Feet 

People with Roman feet have the first three toes with the same length, and the other two are shorter. These people have a creative and energetic personality.  

4. Celtic Feet 

People with Celtic feet have second and third toes as big as the first toe. These people are ambitious, entertaining, fun, but they also can be naïve, childish, and irresponsible 

5. Germanic Feet 

People with Germanic feet have a tall big toe, whereas the other toes are the same length. These people are tolerant and understanding. Moreover, they are sensitive and sympathetic to others.  

What do the arches of your feet say about you? 

People, who have high arches, are self-sufficient and independent. They need plenty of time on their own and are considered to be anti-social.  

According to Chinese philosophy, people with high arches can be rigid and brittle.  

On the other hand, people, who have average or low arches, are sociable, extroverted, and value the company of other people. They enjoy having a good time and want to ensure that others have, too.  

What does the width of your feet say about you? 

People with wider feet are often preoccupied and restless. They cannot sit for a minute and are always on the go. They should consider taking things easy once in a while. Even though they are happy when they are busy, they should try to make time for reflection and peace in their life.  

On the other hand, people with long, narrow feet were born to be waited on. According to Chinese culture, they have Princess feet which that touch the ground. They have a great aesthetic sense and find it easy to delegate. They do not bother with hard work if there is someone else to do it for them.

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