Why True Love Should Be Unconditional

The best relationship happens when both partners accept each other for who they are. True love is unconditional – it’s more about giving rather than taking. Therefore, even if you are not a perfect person, your partner will not force you to change if they love you truly.

If change and control are top relationship priorities, then it’s not headed in the right way. Each one of us has our own way of experiencing life and our own pace of change and transforming our personality.

That’s why it is not healthy to force someone to change in order to fit their partner’s expectations. We should never expect the people we love to live in the way we do and to change themselves according to our own will and desire.

Let go of control

The sooner you accept the fact that you can’t find a perfect person and you can’t create a perfect relationship, the better it will be for you. When you give up on controlling others, you will feel more peaceful and content. No matter how hard we try to fit in, differences between partners will always exist. That’s why it is very smart and healthy for you to understand this, to embrace it, and move on.

Respect Comes First

If couples want to create happy relationships, they must build them on the basis of mutual understanding. If partners feel understood and accepted, it will give them the strength to fight for the relationship by finding ways to resolve issues. They will communicate more and love will easily follow. Love can grow only if there is respect first.

Growing Together Means Stronger Connection

If two individuals want to build a lasting and successful connection, their main goal must be to grow together spiritually and emotionally. If both partners are focused on the future instead of the past, they will feel free to change and transform themselves.

Although this is not always easy and acceptance can require a lot of effort from us, we must give our best to open our minds and make things easier for us and our relationships.

The most successful stories we hear from couples are the ones where they didn’t ask the other person to change and didn’t force things to go the way they want them to. If you as a couple manage to establish this kind of connection, then it will be unbreakable.

Change is something that should happen on the base of a goodwill and as a result of love, not as a condition to it.

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