Veggies That Will Provide More Iron to Your Body Than Meat

Iron is one of the most essential minerals for our health. It is very important for keeping our bodily processes vital and for maintaining our well-being. It can be found in various foods like red meat, chocolate, seaweed, spices, and crustaceans.

Even though people consume these foods on a daily basis, still many suffer from iron deficiency. The reason for this is that our bodies cannot absorb the iron easily and there are difficulties in transporting and accumulating it to where it is needed.

The recommended daily amount of iron for men is 9 mg. Women and adolescents need to consume double, that is 18 mg per day. Pregnant women need at least 20 mg of iron per day.

Iron deficiency

Someone might suffer from an iron deficiency if that person doesn’t consume foods rich in iron. Also, gluten intolerances, inflamed bowels, and some intestinal issues are related to decreased iron absorption. Pregnant women and nursing moms have an increased need for iron, and also a woman who just gave birth might have iron deficiency due to a big amount of blood loss.

Health problems due to iron deficiency are a weak immune system, pale skin, fatigue, decreased physical and mental function.

Vegetables rich in iron:


This superfood is abundant in iron, vitamin A and antioxidants. Also, you don’t need to worry about losing the amount of iron while cooking, because it even enhances it, so just make sure you eat it more often.


Tofu is a soy-based product rich in calcium, magnesium, thiamine, and selenium. It contains 3,6 mg of iron in 125 gr, which is almost 20 % of the recommended daily amount. This vegetable is great for treating cardiovascular diseases and relieving menopausal symptoms.


Nuts and dry fruits are very healthy. All of them contain high amounts of iron, just they are also very caloric, so you should consume them carefully.

Dark Chocolate

If you eat 30 gr of dark chocolate, you will satisfy almost 20 % of the recommended daily amount for iron, 25 % for copper, and 16 % for magnesium. This food is great for reducing heart issues and lowering cholesterol levels as it contains a lot of prebiotic fibers.

Mung bean

All legumes contain a lot of fibers, carbs, and antioxidants, but mung beans are an excellent source of iron. They are ideal for losing excess weight, reducing the risk of colorectal cancer, preventing cardiovascular issues and diabetes.


This vegetable is known for being very good for your blood. It contains 1,8mg of iron in just 100gr. Beets lower the risk of cancer, boost liver function and detoxify the blood.


Lentils are super rich in iron. In just 100mg there are 3,3mg of iron and a lot of fibers that support digestion. Fibers are especially good for pregnant women and athletes.


Broccoli is a very important vegetable. It is not only abundant in iron, but also in vitamin C that improves the absorption of iron and also lowers the risk of cancer. That is why eating broccoli has so powerful effect on your body.


Kale is a very nutritious vegetable as it contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals. It is a richer source of iron than meat. As such, kale can help you in the prevention of many health problems, such as constipation, blood clots, high levels of cholesterol, and heart issues.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in vitamins A, B, E, F, and also in minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and phosphorus.

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