10 Secret Signs That Somebody Is Jealous of You

We are often jealous of people that we are emotionally connected with – our partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends. Also, we are jealous of people who are more attractive and successful than us. Jealousy is usually manifested with fear, anger, worry, insecurity, etc.  

Most people try to hide their jealousy. However, there are certain signs which can tell you when someone is being jealous of you.  

Warning signs that someone is being jealous of you 

If someone is jealous of you, they will: 

1. Give you false compliments 

Jealous people will compliment you when you talk face to face, but they will gossip about you behind your back. For this reason, you should pay attention to what you say to other people and ask your friends if someone has gossiped about you. If someone is jealous of you, they will make a silent pause before they congratulate you on your success.  

2. Try to undervalue your success 

Jealous people are insecure and always try to undermine other people’s success. They are jealous because they cannot achieve as much as you. Moreover, they will try to convince you that you are still not good enough.  

3. Boast about their success 

If a jealous person achieves something, they will make everything to show the world what they have done. Jealous people are usually envious of other people’s success and would do anything to prove that they are successful, too.  

4. Cross their legs 

When it comes to body language, it is considered that people can cross their legs for different reasons. However, it is a common sign that someone is insecure and jealous of something or someone. If a person crosses their legs while talking about your achievements and success, they are probably jealous of you.  

5. Need to prove their superiority 

According to Melanie Greenberg, a psychologist, jealous people are over-competitive and feel the need to prove their superiority. Competitiveness can lead to success if it is stimulated by ambition. However, this is not the case with jealous people.  

6. Imitate everything you do 

Even though psychologists think that copycat is a characteristic of flattery, jealous people also try to copy you and imitate everything you do. They could even try to copy the way you dress, walk, speak, etc. Even though it can be annoying, all you can do is not to pay attention to them. 

7. Try to ruin your reputation 

According to studies, people, who gossip, are unhappy, aggressive, and angry. They usually gossip because they feel less confident and superior. Jealous people, who want to be like you, would do anything to ruin your reputation.  

8. Celebrate your failures

If you fail to achieve your goals, jealous people will be happy. However, they will never show you how happy they are because of your failure.  

What is important to them is the fact that you have failed at something and that they are better than you. If there is a person who is happy because of your failures, you need to distance yourself.  

9. Spoil your plans 

If someone is jealous of you, they will be happy to spoil your plans and make you focus on negative possibilities.  

10. Turn jealousy into hatred 

Being succesful comes at the cost of having to deal with people who hate us for some reason. Even though they do not behave aggressively, they would do anything to demonstrate their hatred of you. The best way to deal with these people is to show them that you do not care about them.

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