Now You Can Build Your Own Mobile Home For USD150

In these times when it is very hard to find an appropriate space for living for an affordable price,  micro-living has become a new trend. On the rental market, you can now buy a small space for living that won’t cost you wealth.

This is ideal for those who love spending their weekend away from the crowd. To book in a hotel is something that rarely anyone can afford. Camping is also limited to those who have no problem sleeping on the rough earth’s floor. That is why micro-trailers are becoming more and more popular. Now you can fulfill your getaway desires easily.

These trailers weigh no more than a thousand pounds, so you can pull them with a rope or chain with a small vehicle. If you want to buy a trailer with better quality, it will cost you no more than USD 3,000.

Elkins’ micro-trailer

If you think this is also a high price, then meet Paul Elkins from Washington. He’s an artist and designer whose inner creativity was inspired in 2000 during the Burningman art festival. This festival awoke his imagination and inventiveness, so two years later he began to create the “micro Airstream bike camper”.

This portable home is 60 pounds heavy and 6 foot 5 inches long. It can be easily pulled by a bicycle. It is built from coroplast plastic signs that were recycled. Elkins fastened them together with zip ties and used duct tape to seal joints and to make the trailer waterproof.

The design of the trailer includes bubble insulation, sink, skylight, pop-up windows, shelving, LED lighting, storage units, stove, a stereo system, foam bed, and rear reflective lights.

All of the materials used for the construction of the “Nomad Bicycle Camper” cost only USD 150.

Kristen Dirksen, a filmmaker shares some insight from her interview with Elkins for Tiny House Design. She said that his work has set the standard for how we should think outside-the-box. Although his house is small, it is a functional home in all aspects. It is weatherproof and portable.

Elkins’ innovative designs

Despite this house, Elkins has designed and built other projects as well. Dog house, speed boat, homeless emergency shelter, and micro mobile art studio are among the many that he made using fluted plastic.

You can buy his design tutorials for $5 to $20 and download them from his website – He also has his own YouTube channel where you can see his mobile home.

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