11 Simple Habits That Reverse Poor Blood Circulation and Protect Your Heart

We have more than 60,000 miles of blood vessels in our body that make up the circulatory system together with the heart and other muscles.

This network has the role of carrying blood to every cell of your body. When our circulation is slow, it slows down and stops the blood flow, so our cells can’t get the sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients they need in order to function normally.

Poor blood circulation is related to obesity, diabetes, arterial issues, and heart issues. It also causes tingling, muscle cramps, numbness, and stinging or throbbing pain in the limbs. This problem can lead to plaque in the arteries that is dangerous for our health as it might lead to strokes or heart attacks. That is why it is very important to treat this issue on time if you want to prevent more serious conditions.

If you want to improve your blood circulation naturally, then you can consider the following:

Regular exercise

If you exercise regularly, you can boost your circulation. There are various kinds of activities you can do: running, swimming, walking, riding a bike, etc.


This is often considered a luxury, but massage is a need for everyone because it is great for stimulating blood flow in every area of your body.

Drinking a lot of water

Drinking water, especially a hot cup of water increases blood flow through your arteries or veins.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the main reasons for having poor circulation, so you should avoid it as much as possible.


Stretching improves blood circulation very quickly. Be careful not to sit down all the time, because sitting makes your circulation slower.

Healthy food

Eating healthy food is extremely beneficial for your health. Diet rich in fruits, vegetables, proteins, and low in sugar, salt, and fat, increases the blood flow in your body.

Hot and cold treatment

This treatment is great for boosting circulation. Apply heat with a hot pack for half a minute and then repeat with a cold one.


Hot water relaxes the very tense muscles, allowing smooth oxygen flow throughout the whole body.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a herb that you can take as a liquid, in the form of capsules, a tablet, or a dried leaf.

A salt-made scrub

You can benefit a lot from a scrub made of salt. It smooths the skin, energizes the legs, and eases excess fluid removal. With circular motions, apply this scrub from your ankles to your knees.

Avoid uncomfortable shoes

Pay attention to the shoes you wear. High heels slow down the blood flow from the heart to the feet. Therefore, you should wear more comfortable shoes like trainers or flats and avoid pointed-toe shoes when it is possible.

You can also consider wearing tights for compression hosiery because they are specifically designed for improving blood circulation throughout the legs.

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