The Best Lower Back Pain Stretches That Actually Work

Nowadays, lower back pain is a common health issue. Staying active and exercising regularly can help you treat and prevent lower back pain.  

Changes in the lower back caused by musculoskeletal damage are the main reasons for lower back pain. Muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues, which made the musculoskeletal system, enable stability, balance, and support of the body. Hamstring muscles and hip flexor are muscles that keep the normal curvature of the spine. These muscles are also related to lower back pain. 

It is believed that people have chronic lower back pain because they experience tightness in the muscles around the hips, lower back, and hamstrings. The muscle tightness prevents them from functioning properly and makes them overwork the lower back causing lower back pain and chronic tightness.  

Therefore, in order to relieve lower back pain, people need to loosen up their glutes, hamstrings, and hips, and focus on their lower back.  

Doing exercise regularly and staying active can help reduce and prevent lower back pain. Here are some stretches, which you can do at your home and reduce lower back pain. 

4 Simple stretches to relieve lower back pain 

1. Hanging from a bar 

Hanging from a bar in the gym is good for all types of back pain.  

To do this exercise, reach up a bar and bend your knees. It will let your abdominal region and lower back relax. From this position, just breath and let the pelvis drop.  

2. Cat and cow stretches 

This is another beneficial stretch for a painful lower back. Sit down on your knees and hands, making sure your hands are under your shoulders and your knees under the hips. Your spine should be in a neutral position. Take a deep breath, raise your head to the ceiling, push the belly down and bend your lower back. Then, breath out and drop your head out, lifting your lower spine as much as you can. 

Do this stretch 5 – 10 times and focus on your breathing instead of your movement.  

3. Hip stretches 

You can do this stretch both at your office or home.  

To do this stretch, sit on a chair and place one leg on the top of the other leg’s knee and hold it with both hands, making sure the elbow pushes the knee down. Then, grab the knee with the hands and lift it. Do this stretch for 20 seconds with both legs.  

The most important thing about this stretch is not to put your foot on the knee because it will put stress on the ankle.  

4. Hamstring stretches 

To do this exercise, sit down on the ground and cross your legs. Then, place one leg on the top of the bottom leg. Push the knee down with your hand or elbow and hold it for 20 seconds. After that, grab the leg with your hands and lift it.  

If you find this stretch too hard, you can put one of your legs straight and cross the other leg over.  

For more information, take a look at the video below.  

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