If Your Back Pain Comes From Your Feet, These Are The Right Exercises For You To Relieve The Pain

Generally, people, who have a sedentary lifestyle, do not exercise and stretch their legs regularly and experience back pain. The pain in the back may come from the feet, and lead to other health issues, such as muscle weakness, ankle pain, and shortened muscles.  

You should do exercises regularly and stretch your legs every day if you want to relieve the pain in the back and improve overall health.  


5 Exercises to soothe back pain and strengthen your muscles 

Here are some exercises that will help you relieve back pain and make you feel better: 

  1. Toe walking 

Not only toe walking is good for ballerinas, but it is also beneficial for humans to enhance their toe muscles, feet muscles, and ligaments.  

To perform it, you should position your toes forward and walk for about 20 seconds. Then, position them outwards and inwards and walk for another 20 seconds in each position. Have a rest for 15 seconds and do the exercises 5 times.  

    2. Tibias Anterior 

This exercise is beneficial for strengthening your hips and legs. All you need for this exercise are a bedpost or a chair and an exercise band. Place the exercise band around the chair and sit down on the floor. Bend at your left knee and put your right leg forward. Wrap the other part of the exercise band to your right leg. Bring the toes to your head and remain in that position for 2 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 times.  

Watch the video below to find out more information about the exercise.  

     3. Heel raises 

Heel raises can help you align your joint and calves’ tendons, as well as enhance your toes and body balance.  

To perform this exercise, take a chair and put it in front of you. Lift your right leg. Bend your left leg at the knee and raise softly. Place the foot in the same alignment with the leg. Repeat the exercise 10 – 20 times with each leg.  

For more information, watch the video below. 

      4. Ankle circles 

This exercise will help you improve your ankle flexibility and relieve hip and back pain.  

Lie down on the floor and bend both of your legs at the knees. Bring the right knee to the chest and place the arms around the knee, while making circles with the right ankle. Point your toes at the positions of 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock. Make 5 – 10 circles with the right ankle and repeat the same with the left one.  

      5. Curl the toes 

This exercise can help you strengthen your muscles, enhance dexterity, and relieve back pain. It is very beneficial for runners.  

Sit on a chair and put a towel in front of it. Lie your feet on the towel and crumple it with the toes 5 – 10 times. To enhance blood circulation, shake your toes.  

Put your feet on the towel again. Grab the towel with one foot and release it after 10 seconds. Repeat the same with the other foot.  

To find out more, watch the video below. 


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