If You Notice These Signs, It Means the Blood Sugar Level Is High

Diabetes is the most commonly seen condition in modern times, and this means the body cannot make insulin as it did before, so the level of blood sugar in the blood can spike and crash, and this is very serious and even fatal! There is no cure so far for this, but it is a condition that can be treated with some medicines and above all, a healthier diet regime.

The blood sugar can spike only when some other conditions are triggered and this is briefly in a moment, not abnormal at all. Now, the body should be expected to make insulin and subdue such things, but if this does not happen, the high blood sugar can make chaos for the organs inside over time.

It is good to know that diabetes is almost always detected early on and this gives us all time to respond right and prevent more serious damages. So, these are the signs you might have high blood sugar:

Early and common diabetes signs

1. Thirsty all the time

Are you always craving water, even too much and too often? And this happens even if you do not work out or sweat? This is a common and clear first sign.

2. Blurry eyesight

This can be something else too, but it happens with diabetes as well. Eyes could look swollen in the eyelids, and you see blurry more often than not.

3. Massive hunger

High blood sugar can make you always crave some foods or snacks. This is because the glucose in the organism feels lost and does not reach all cells, and the body needs energy more and from other sources.

4. Paper-dry skin

Diabetes can also make the skin depleted from water, dry, palish, and ‘thirsty’. Even with moisturizers and creams, this might happen.

5. Need to urinate a lot

If you hydrate a lot and need to urinate a lot this makes some sense of course. But, if it feels abnormal, means the kidneys cannot process a large amount of sugar and flush it via urinating.

6. You get heavier!

When the blood sugar is constantly high, weight gain will occur. This means the body fights to process a ton of sugar in its system, but cannot, and insulin cannot help it, so the excess sugar goes to fat layers.

7. Sex drive and performance fails

If you are a man, you might notice no erection happens anymore, and diabetes could be one reason for it. The excess sugar in the blood surely can affect this too.

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