Do Not Ignore These Signs – They Can Signal a Blood Clot!

We all know how dangerous can blood clots be for us and life, but do we know what they are? They are fatal conditions and they happen when a lump or more such lumps of hardened blood are in the blood vessels and this needs urgent medical help!

Most of the time, this is a result of pulmonary embolism and this means some tiny chunks and bits of a larger clot go straight to the lungs. But sometimes a clot is a result of serious vein thrombosis when such a clot is created under the skin.

No matter what reason is precise, this is extremely serious and fatal, know this. But the good part is that through some signs you can recognize this in time and prepare better for asking a medical urgent help.

1. Strange warmth in some body areas

Before a clot happens, people have said they felt some weird warmth, itchiness, soreness, and even meds did not help them. Mostly this happens in the legs and feet.

2. Swollen and hurting legs

This means that blood issues like clots will take place. The clots are mostly made in the legs and even make the veins swell a lot. This will hurt as well and last for some time too.

3. Short breaths

This is a bit strange but is still a possibility. And if it happens it could even be a pulmonary embolism and can get very serious and dangerous. Do not ignore and ask for medical help.

4. Pain in chest

The pain in the chest is worrisome for you of course, especially when you cannot breathe normally and do short breaths. Also, another sign of pulmonary embolism and can be fatal too! It also can be a sinus issue, but better be safe than sorry

5. Pain in feet and calves

This is another strange but possible sign. It means the blood flow to these areas is not ideal and is another sign of a serious blood clot along with the discomfort too. It can also indicate vein thrombosis.

6. Many cramps

If the cramps happen a lot and hurt a lot, you lack magnesium surely, and it can mean a blood clot for sure. The cramps are severe and happen a lot, and the legs do not get a good blood flow.

7. Coughing a lot

If you rule out smoking, it can mean a blood clot. It could be some smaller clot this time that is in the lungs and has been there for some time. But, if you even cough blood and mucus that is red or similar, see the doctor right away!

The takeaway

We confirmed that such blood clots are very serious and even fatal, so they can leave a person disabled and this is the tragic thing. Do not ignore any sign. Get checked in detail with your doctor and react to prevent in time.

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