I Love My Children With All My Heart. Here Is Why They Are The Most Precious Thing That I Have In My Life

I do not exaggerate when I say that my children are the greatest gift that God gave me. They make me laugh and cry at the same time. They are my happiness and my frustration. They are my life. Without them, my life is incomplete.    

When I got my children, my life and my priorities changed. The things that were important before became insignificant. My children became my everything. They are my inspiration, my strength, my happiness. They are the reason why I live. From the moment they were born, they became the sun on my planet.   

My children are my treasure, they are my heart, they make me feel happy. They make me feel like I am more than complete, overflowing with love.    

My responsibility as a parent is to make them feel loved and protected. The most precious gift that I have ever received in my life are my children. My children bring me the greatest joys in life. I love and cherish them. All the sorrows, joys, suffering, and happiness that my children bring to me are priceless. Because they are everything to me. My love for her is like an invisible elastic band. No matter how far she might go, we will be always connected. She is the reason why I want to wake up every morning.   

All babies are unique. They are beautiful the way they are, with the personality and flaws they were born. I cannot believe how intelligent, creative, talented, independent, beautiful, and adventurous my daughter has become.   

Every woman, who has children or is planning to become a parent, should read this article. Love your children – they are the greatest gift that God can give you.   

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